What We Do

International Law:

In this area we provide consultancy services for the implementation of international legal norms or policies into local law and administration. Services for settling disputes under international treaties and for litigating actions thereunder are also available.

Civil Litigation:

Litigation refers to contentious legal matters that require a third party arbiter such as a judge or an arbitrator. We, therefore, conduct litigation arising from areas of law that are non-criminal such as contract, tort, employment, administrative law, property law, injury and so forth.

Probate and Administration of Estates:

We handle a number of estate matters in this regard where we apply to the Court on behalf of an Applicant for Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration (as the case may be) in the estate of a deceased person or loved one. We advise on the process and conduct the process of administration and distribution on behalf of an Applicant/ Executor/ Administrator.

Property Law:

We conduct non-contentious property matters, in particular, sale and purchase of land, mortgages, leases and tenancy agreements. If such matters should become contentious for any reason, we also provide litigation services therefor.

Personal Injury:

We conduct personal injury settlements on behalf of persons injured in vehicular accidents, on public and private premises, or in any other way due to the negligence of another party. We also litigate such matters if they should become contentious.

Family Law:

We conduct divorces as well as High Court and Magistrates Court maintenance applications, and familial property settlements.

Contract Law:

We draft contracts of all kinds and peruse draft contracts on behalf of would-be signatories. We also advise on our clients’ rights and obligations under already executed contracts or unwritten contracts, as the case may be, when certain factual elements come into play for example being dismissed from employment, having rent increased or being given notice to quit.

Company Law:

We incorporate companies and non-profit companies. We also register businesses and charities.